Getting Free Instagram Likes the Natural Way

Getting free Instagram likes is what we all want to arrive at. We want to flaunt our eye catching photos to as many as people as we can. We can only do this if we have many IG likes that will trigger other users to continue liking. However, for most, IG likes come with a price. A high price to be exact, if we are too eager to have them. But if you are in a lax mode, not minding the time to have that thousands of likes, you can use these natural, naïve, yet effective way of getting these likes.

Ask your Friends to Like your Post

If you know that you contents are working liking, you wouldn’t have any hesitations in asking your friends to follow and give you some free Instagram likes. Since you are friends for keeps, they will do it without a doubt.

Connect your IG Account with your Other Social Media Accounts

Connecting your IG with Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and other social media accounts add exposure. More and more people will be able to see your posts. Most likely you will be able to create new sets of followers who will consistently like you photos and videos in IG.

Follow and Like Other Accounts

By doing this, expect that majority will reciprocate. They will also follow and like you in IG. But this won’t happen overnight. You need to establish that habit of liking. Once they observe that you are consistently doing this, they will be pushed to do the same without you even saying a word.

Comments on Other Posts

Commenting also give you exposure. Two things are possible to happen. When you comment, other users who follow and like that post will notice you. Another is the owner of the post you are commenting at will notice you and follow you and begin to give you free Instagram likes. But please, make sure your comments are sensible. Do not just comment for the sake of commenting.

Become a Member of a Group

Find a group of the same interest. Engaging with them will help you gather more likes. Some even discuss how they can boost the group members’ posts. They execute plans and do the liking strategically. Being a member of a group give you more exposure.

Randomly Post Quotes related to Asking for Likes

Asking free Instagram Likes can also be announced via a post. What you can do it to pick up a good quote that poses an indirect message that you are asking for likes. Or you can ask for likes via a post straight to the point. After all, you are not doing that frequently but occasionally only, reminding them to give you that likes.

See, there are so many ways on how to ask for free Instagram likes. What were written here are just a few. All you need to do is to engage and connect with other users. Once your presence is felt, the likes will just come in.

Instagram as a marketing tool

If you ever thought social media is a wastage of time, then I advise you think twice. Many have tried to avoid a number of social media platforms like Facebook, snapchat, Instagram, twitter and other social networks out there, thinking that the only thing that goes around it, is gossip. However, among most of the useful social networks we have today. I’d say that Instagram has it all with its ability to link with Facebook and twitter,Instagram is now becoming a very popular mobile application that can be used in photos and video sharing. Instagram has provided a platform where one can share as many photos and videos as possible online through other social media platforms such as twitter, and Facebook.

Just like Facebook, Instagram has become a great channel of meeting and making new friends. It is arguably that Instagram has made it easy for us to find fantastic people who end up becoming just like another family in another world. It gives us a room to create fantastic time and relax as we share pictures we’ve had in favorite places and talk to each other and exchange ideas to better ourselves.

Instagram, after its release, people never thought that it could have been most popular like Facebook. Today it has been termed the most popular platform allowing people to share photos and create social networks. If people are not on Instagram for photo sharing, they are either on snapchat, clound or any other application used for fun with pictures.Currently, we can say that using Instagram, there is quite a number of photos being uploaded and has generated quite a number of active users

As we all know, photos helps us keep memories and stories. Today, posting a photo on Instagram is easy and has become a faster way to share our daily experience with friends and families wherever they may be. This is because when you share a photo on Instagram, it can directly be posted to your Facebook profile making everyone see it even those on Facebook and not on Instagram. With Instagram we can look at the world in a different new look since you don’t only share photos on Instagram but trough it you can share to other networks as well.

By taking pictures, Instagram has taken art to another dimension, increasing the artistic abilities. Instagram is very helpful when it comes to communication. With Instagram, there is improved communication with families, friends, and people around the world. You also benefit a lot since it enables u to create a professional network which is quiet helpful when it comes to ones profession. It actually increases even a list of friends you can make in a single day and also pass your information in a unique and original way.

Instagram will help you grow your business. Companies and individuals can invest on Instagram as a great and easy way to reach the outside world. You can capture a good picture of the product your business is specializing in and post on the Instagram to reach out to the people out there. You can even sell things that youno longer need in your house on Instagram. This doesn’t really require you to own a business or a company or even a shop. You can just take a photo of the product and post it for more customers to see this can gain you more customers than you can imagine.

Here is just another reason that will make you keep the Instagram application on your phone. Today when using soundcloud, it is even easier to share videos on Instagram. All you need is a simple click on the video you are about to share and share on Instagram. Once you posts your photos or videos, they are there to stay unless you, the owner of the account, wants to delete it. This will enable new users and followers view the photos of your products and give them an idea on where to shop next because they will be connected with the brand. 

Those who like taking pictures and uploading them instantly to reach their friends, families and the world, I recommend snapchat, Instagram since it is fast and will automatically upload your picture and even share to the other networks linked.

With lots of effects on Instagram, if you want to add a frame to your pictures it’s quite easier and even updating important events, happenings and announcements. It just depends on how you want your pictures or videos to look like.

If you have a business, company, or even want to sell something on Instagram, I will advise you not to use just a plain text of information, but to ensure you develop or create a great information about your product.

Use Instagram to grow your business and cut on the marketing cost. It can really start up with a small community of customers but be assured of rapid growth. Just connect to the targeted group and you wouldn’t regret.

Social media has become a necessity to almost every one today. It has evolved so much that everyone is talking about it throughout the day. This is due to the fact that today, almost everyone owns a gadget. It’s either personal computers, mobile phones, tablets etc. with the evolvement in technology, many media platforms has evolved. Facebook has hit it. It has become the easiest app with the easiest features that almost everyone can operate with ease.

Of all the social media platforms we have today, Facebook has become a household name. You can search anyone anywhere at any time. Looking at the past years, it was heard to keep in touch with people you crossed path with. For example, if you had a friend in high school or you met in college, you could only pray that one day destiny brings you together once you part. But come to think of it today. With Facebook, you just need to know the name and with a simple search, you get to connect if the other party is on Facebook, of which is very rare to find someone who is not.

It makes it even a lot easier, if you know the location the other party might be residing. This is due to the fact that Facebook gives you a feature to search friends using their location. Facebook has also been used by large groups of people to build up businesses as well as to develop social and professional contacts.

In the world of business, with the help of YouTube and Facebookclients have been able to meet suppliers from all the corners of the world and vice versa. These two have become the simplest platform to use when it comes to advertisement and making ones business and products reach as many people as possible. We can say that Facebook is now a shop on itself. Today you can buy and sell online using Facebook. It helps buyers to choose from a wide variety of goods and on the other hand, helps the suppliers to sell their goods with a lot of ease. On the other hand, using YouTube and snapchat, suppliers have been able to personalize their products and services.

Come-on who would have thought that business could have been a lot easier without having to trek from one place to another to ensure you make as large sales as possible, and to ensure that you create awareness to make the existence of your business be known in the worlds market? Today it doesn’t really matter where you are or how large or small your business is. With media platforms such as Facebook,tumblr and youtubeyou can just start your market anywhere with the least stock you have.

The evolved media platforms will help you stay connected which is very important and healthy for professional success. People have used Facebook to inform the Facebook community of career openings, as well as business opportunities. This helps you maintain a network to help you achieve success in your career. On the other hand, YouTube will also help you get business ideas that you didn’t have before through various uploaded videos that share variety of business ideas.

Staying connected to social network platforms helps you develop a strong social network. It has become a great way to learn new things. Most of the news outlets today have adopted and used Facebook, tweeter, YouTube and tumblramong many other social networks to help keep people on the loop. As they say, news travel faster, well, with these networks it’s even faster than anyone could have thought before. It has become a way that news is spread and heard. One can argue that connecting to a social media network is connecting to life. They have only been used in news sharing and making friends, but also, as a place where you find peoples opinion on different topics.

A social network like Facebook really helps you strengthen and maintain your personal relationships. Like I said in my second paragraph, relationships does not shake or weaken because of the distance anymore. Once you find your fried on Facebook, you can send them a message and they get to reply faster hence helping the relationships to remain healthy and even stronger.

Twitter Rules for Automated Activities


Users need to know that any automated activity on Twitter should adhere to the social media platform’s rules. On the other hand, developers need to take in mind that if you are utilizing what is referred to as API on Twitter, you need to go over the developer agreement and policy.

If you would like to use automated activities such as automatic favorites, it is critical to polish up the rules in order to assure that your automated activity is tractable. Activities or applications that are automated which disrupt these rules or that administer or impel users to disrupt them, may be subject to what is termed as “enforcement action” – this implies the possibility of suspension of the user’s account on Twitter.

Apart from this enforcement action, there is also the likelihood of rate limit or even cancel the developer’s access to the API of Twitter hinged on nonobservance of these policies.

Some of the policies that users need to take note comprise of the following:

  • No to duplicate accounts. It is prohibited to automate or make several accounts on Twitter for essentially or duplicative identical use cases.
  • No to spamming. Spam direct messages or spam automated tweets are not allowed to be transmitted as this is clear indication of spamming act.
  • No to posting private information. It is prohibited to post confidential or private information regarding a certain individual without their knowledge or authorization.
  • No to misleading links. Links, tweets and direct messages that mislead are not allowed. These include links that shrewdly or falsely redirect through appearing on ad pages or pages prior disclosing the final content.
  • No to abusive demeanor. It is not allowed to partake in any automated activity that induces violence, harassment, abuse, obnoxious behavior on or off Twitter.
  • No to sensitive media. Direct messages as well as auto tweets must adhere to the medial policy of Twitter. In the same way, users should ensure marking their account as possibly sensitive if he or she wishes to post or share conceivably sensitive media, porn or graphic.

How about when you wish to automate activities by means of other user’s account?

For users who prefer auto activities such as automatic favorites, it is possible to authorize your service or app to access your account. Please be guided that you could take auto actions through the account of other user if you obtain express consent from other Twitter user to take the auto actions, precisely depict to the user the kinds of auto activities that shall take place and instantly recognize the request of the user to pull out further auto activities.

Bear in mind that as a Twitter user of automated activities like automatic favorites, it is imperative that you critically alter the functionality or objective of your service or app. It matters to re-acquire the content from other Twitter user to take auto activity through his or her account prior you go for it. As you can see, it is substantial to strictly comply with Twitter’s auto activity policies.

Automatic Favorite and building your online business empire


What is the big deal about the social media platform some may care to ask?  Every social media platform has one thing in common to give their users an experience that allows them to socialize without their data being compromised.  A few of these platforms have sterner actions on the use of the collected data.  Any data collected by a social media platform should not be forwarded to a third party.  This in essence is the reason a large number of users are not on the social media platform.  Because of these and the decrease in numbers companies and individuals are forced to use the automatic favorite feature.

It works in very simple ways and all a user has to do is to subscribe at an agreed cost.  There are different packages that one can choose from depending on their requirements and needs.  The good thing with automation is that there is no contact.  All you do is share an article, a picture or post an advert the rest depends on the providing company.  It will be upon them to release the favorites at intervals that agree with your subscription.   If you are looking for a following, then this is the way to go.

When it comes to maintaining your social status on the platform, the issue of social proof comes first.  How can people trust you when you have no social proof?  It is quite interesting that the platform covers people from all around the world and unites them in one accord.  Many friendships have been built on these platforms; business deals have been signed online and people have build empires just from the social media platform.   If like most people you are looking for social proof, do not underrate the automatic favorite feature.  It will help you a great deal in setting your priorities right online. 

There are definitely a large number of benefits that come with using the automatic feature.   The revolution that technology has brought will take many years to interact.  Goods now exchange hands online; people work from the comfort of their homes and a lot goes on from time to time thereby making the world one global village.  Who would have thought so many years ago?  Literally nobody!  It really does not matter whether you are small starting business, or an individual wanting to build the social proof, never ever shy away from using the automatic feature for any of your dealing online.

Lastly the advent of social media platform has come with a great relief to most brands.  It has allowed them to reduce drastically the overhead charges that come with running any business.   The easiest way to build your brand online will require focusing on your market and the people you want to reach.  You will also need to understand in great detail your consumers.  What do they like and what really make them tick.  Putting such in perspective will give you a wider scope of what to expect.  Once you have managed to address the key issue, you will now need to subscribe to the automatic favorite feature.

Boosting the Number of your Audience through Buying Likes, Views and Followers


Does buying followers for your social media account ever assist your business flourish or help you spread easily what you want to share to other users? Are all purchased followers the same? Then, what are the probable connections on the distinct sites of bolstering your account in this approach.

If you’re a social media platform user, whether you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social apps out there, then for sure you have the desire to have a significant number of followers to support you and get engaged with everything that you share.

The same goes if your objective is to earn money, make your brand well-known, share your talents to prospective employers, find your dream job, meet friends or even possibly look for a lifetime partner- it’s all thanks to various social media apps, you could easily expand your social circle even without going out.

It is delighting to know that there are a few means to augment the number of your followers in any social media platform in an honest way. Essentially, coming up with a well-thought-of scheme, setting clever objectives, sharing noteworthy content and engaging your followers are all what it takes to catch the attention of countless of users worldwide.

Alternatively, it is also possible for you to take the instant and user-friendly strategy and partake in the slightly dark side of social media platform marketing – buying views, likes and even followers. It is not pure cheating at all; it’s actually what you call wise scheme to get ahead.

Perhaps, some users who are not much insightful about such scheme are asking what the advantages are if you decide to buyInstagram followers.

Why buy free Instagram likes?

If you’re going to observe, influencers, celebrities, politicians and brands have been renowned to embellish their social media stat through adding so-called fictitious audience.

But, why do they do such strategy?

In point of fact, this is all about perception. Indeed, the number of audience is something that a plenty of users look at when measuring an account to follow and this is seen as a generally known metric that numerous brands utilize to gauge their very own social media platform efforts.

Meanwhile, if you’re one of those planning to buy Facebook likes, it might be because you are currently searching for an instantly increased number of audience to break the ice, hoping that this shall convince real followers to check out your social media profile.

While it is a reality that quality matters more than quantity, the real situation in the world we live in nowadays is that almost all people judge a social media account by the number of its followers.

In the same way, the best thing if you decided to buy Twitter followers is that this is a very easy and less expensive approach to do since you are about to learn how to survive in a very rigid competition in the world of social media.

How purchasing likes, views and followers works?

It is worth mentioning that the difference we are pointing out between clear-cut act of purchasing followers and the more relatively practice of social media platform automation.

To boot, social media platform automation pertains to the act of enabling a bot to comment and like on your stead. Purchasing followers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is precisely like that. In other words, you connect your account to a service, pay for it and from there all you need to do is to watch as your followers instantly expand.

It could be cost next to nothing, with plenty of services charging around less than $4 for every hundred followers. The good news is that you acquire what you pay for. The followers that will be added to your audience are most likely inactive accounts that have been actually taken over by bots.

On the other hand, there are also more costly alternatives that charges up until a thousand or thousands followers. Please be guided that such services sustain active accounts that will link with your own.

What is more, there are available tools that will follow users on your stead with aspirations that they’ll return the favor. Take note that you will be asked what type of accounts you prefer to follow hinged on things like usage of hashtag, gender, location and other similar accounts. After a foreordained period, the bot unfollows any user that did not follow you back.

With this alternative, there is a great likelihood that your followers are real users; however engagement is slightly inactive. Due to the reason that you could not even ensure that these accounts will follow you back, it is somehow regarded as an investment that’s on thin ice. In addition to this, most accounts will not follow you back; and even if they follow you back, they perhaps are not going to be active, loyal or remain your follower for a long period.

How much should one expect to prepare should he decide to buy YouTube views, likes or followers?

If you will conduct your research online, you will learn that there are various ranges in terms of the services that you can use. In general, it starts from $5 to $6 and you can obtain 500 followers or if you prefer a double number of followers more, then you could possibly acquire your desired number by paying $10 or more. Note that such so-called purchasable followers are either inactive accounts or bots. This is the reason why you can’t expect much for an active engagement.

Once you buy followers, you will surely be curious what kind of followers follow you. In truth, the purchased followers who follow you may comprise of accounts that don’t have any post, strange mix of users posting non-sense content and others might be posing racy photos. To put simply, there are no great followers for your brand to link itself with. Anyway, the good thing is that real users who follow you won’t have plenty of time to check your followers one by one. They typically care about the number of your followers.

When buying followers in any social media platform, once a specific count of followers vanish, apparently accounts are made inactive which means that the tool boots up and fills the supply. Be that as it may, the quality of the followers does not perk up.

A Final Note

So, if you are more concerned about huge following than an active engagement, then schemes like these shall somehow do the trick. Nevertheless, there are downsides to watch out for when you decide to buy followers, likes or views for your social media account. Review the not-so-good sides of it and ensure to weigh things so that you can come up with a well-informed decision whether this is the right tool for you or not.

It is crucial for any user who decided to buy followers, likes or views to accurately recognize what you’re purchasing when you buy. Note that you may put your online credibility at risk. Ensure that you buy tools from reputable sites and review the pros and cons. This is to guarantee that you obtain your goal when purchasing.