Getting Free Instagram Likes the Natural Way

News 03:04 April 2024:

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Getting free Instagram likes is what we all want to arrive at. We want to flaunt our eye catching photos to as many as people as we can. We can only do this if we have many IG likes that will trigger other users to continue liking. However, for most, IG likes come with a price. A high price to be exact, if we are too eager to have them. But if you are in a lax mode, not minding the time to have that thousands of likes, you can use these natural, naïve, yet effective way of getting these likes.

Ask your Friends to Like your Post

If you know that you contents are working liking, you wouldn’t have any hesitations in asking your friends to follow and give you some free Instagram likes. Since you are friends for keeps, they will do it without a doubt.

Connect your IG Account with your Other Social Media Accounts

Connecting your IG with Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and other social media accounts add exposure. More and more people will be able to see your posts. Most likely you will be able to create new sets of followers who will consistently like you photos and videos in IG.

Follow and Like Other Accounts

By doing this, expect that majority will reciprocate. They will also follow and like you in IG. But this won’t happen overnight. You need to establish that habit of liking. Once they observe that you are consistently doing this, they will be pushed to do the same without you even saying a word.

Comments on Other Posts

Commenting also give you exposure. Two things are possible to happen. When you comment, other users who follow and like that post will notice you. Another is the owner of the post you are commenting at will notice you and follow you and begin to give you free Instagram likes. But please, make sure your comments are sensible. Do not just comment for the sake of commenting.

Become a Member of a Group

Find a group of the same interest. Engaging with them will help you gather more likes. Some even discuss how they can boost the group members’ posts. They execute plans and do the liking strategically. Being a member of a group give you more exposure.

Randomly Post Quotes related to Asking for Likes

Asking free Instagram Likes can also be announced via a post. What you can do it to pick up a good quote that poses an indirect message that you are asking for likes. Or you can ask for likes via a post straight to the point. After all, you are not doing that frequently but occasionally only, reminding them to give you that likes.

See, there are so many ways on how to ask for free Instagram likes. What were written here are just a few. All you need to do is to engage and connect with other users. Once your presence is felt, the likes will just come in.